There are a few things essential for a successful family portrait, primarily flexibility and luck:)!  We'll work together as a team to make the process as enjoyable and successful as possible.  If you don't have images you love from our shoot, we'll reshoot at no additional charge to you!

Please contact me for customized quotes.  What you are looking for regarding final product can effect the cost of your investment.


Children are the most rewarding subjects for me to photograph.  When a child let's me into their world I am truly honored and I want to preserve every expression and emotion I can. Plus, I have seemingly infinite patience which comes in handy.

graduation portraits

After fifteen years in business, some of the children I photographed as toddlers are graduation high school!  It is so fun to learn about each individual and what they look forward to after high school.  This is such a fun milestone and I hope to grow this portion of my business in the years to come.


In this digital day and age, everyone wants to see your face.  Show you care about your business and invest in a professional headshot.  There is more and more room for creativity in marketing yourself and your business, let MJFotography help!